Links (and data!)

I’m going to put a post like this up every now and then as I add new links in to the sidebar (somewhere to the right). It’ll be a brief summary over the pages I’ve added and then there might be an occasional article

The first two I’ve added are probably the largest reasons I’ve started here

Behind the net is one of many that focus on the analysis of ice hockey. has existed in one form or another since I started following ice hockey and the (once you get used to it) sister stats site is a wonderful tool for player evaluation. Most of the posts are by Gabe Desjardins (Hawerchuk) and he did some very detailed football analysis during the world cup (the posts are all in the archives – see June and July 2010)

mc79hockey is run by Tyler Dellow who also looks at ice hockey (yes there’s a theme). For the most part the writing is salient and well reasoned but I think what really draws me is the ability to present detailed data and graphs in a manner that’s easy to read and follow. Going back through the archives I’m normally more surprised if a prediction doesn’t come true than I am if it does.
I also wanted to share an article titled ‘Likelihood and the way humans think’ that is from another excellent (although currently somewhat dormant) site . Whenever I come across a post like this it always strikes me as remarkable that people write stuff this good but only a few people will ever see it

Just a postscript. Over on I’ve found 10 years worth of historical data from Englands top four divisions. There’s plenty to keep me going and some things will probably crop up here in the near future


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