Distribution of shots in the premiership

After covering goals and shots on target it’s time to look at total shots.

First the table of stats.

Mean Standard deviation 95% max 95% min
Total 22.75 5.51 33.77 11.73
Home 12.91 4.84 22.60 3.22
Away 9.84 4.16 18.15 1.52

The 95% min and max are the limits between which, statistically, 95% of results will form.

Now the graphs showing how shots are distributed within games. Firstly total shots
Distribution of shots in premiership games

Then separating the performance of home and away teams
Distribution of shots by home and away teams

And finally a plot showing the how often home and away teams took at least a defined number of shots*
Plot showing how often a home/away team takes at least a defined number of shots
Yet again, home teams are seen to outperform their opponents which really isn’t a surprise.

*The way to read this plot is as follows. If, for example, you want to know how often a home team take 10 or more shots. Start by finding 10 on the x-axis and tracing straight up until you meet the line for the home team. Then trace from that spot directly left to the y-axis to find the frequency (the proportion of games where the home team takes 10 or more shots). Multiply the frequency (~0.75 in this case) by 100 and you have the probability as a percentage (~75%).


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