The most experienced referees

The 4137 premiership games I have records for (every game from the start of the 2000-01 season) have been officiated by a total of 52 different referees. This is just a data dump showing who the most experienced are


Referee Appearances
A Wiley* 253
M Dean 247
S Bennett 243
M Halsey 224
R Styles 211


Referee Appearances
A Wiley 6635
M Dean 5979
S Bennett 5937
M Riley 5916
P Dowd 5498

Yellow cards

Referee Yellow cards
M Dean 886
S Bennett 825
A Wiley 768
M Riley 767
R Styles 702

Red cards

Referee Red cards
R Styles 55
M Dean 53
S Bennett 52
P Dowd 48
M Riley 46

*Including offsides, kick-offs, half-time and full-time Alan Wiley ‘blew his whistle’ ~20,500 times between 2000 and 2009 (and that’s without corners and goal kicks)


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