Hey Lincolnshire Echo. Did you make up a quote from Steve Prescott or just forget that he’d said it?

Some are going to regard the following as pedantic but given how much press there was regarding the ticket prices at Lincoln over the summer I think it’s important to find out which version is actually true.

I was reading through some of the articles from the Echo website to catch up on Lincoln’s season (it wasn’t much fun) and I came across this article from September 14th in which Steve Prescott talks about this seasons attendance figures. There’s one line in particular that caught my eye which reads as follows

“Prescott would not divulge just how low the gates were below their original budgeted target – which is not the 3,200 figure speculated by some supporters”

The reason that that sentence stands out to me is because I distinctly remember reading this article from July 2nd where Steve Prescott is quoted as saying

“We were working on a budget regarding the gates. We’re hoping we can get an average crowd of 3,200.”

In the span of ten weeks a direct quote from the board member responsible for setting the budget has regressed to simply some made up numbers by fans.

So I’m interested to know which version of the story is true, did Steve Prescott say the quotes that are attributed to him in the initial article? If yes then why is it now simply attributed as speculation from fans? If no then why were the Echo allowed to print it?


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