The comparitive strength of the four English leagues

In a set of posts I’ve compared the strengths of the neighbouring English leagues and now I want to go one step further and use that to determine how all of the leagues compare to one another.

The table below is a recap what I’ve found so far:

One goal in is worth goals in
the championship ~0.64 the premiership
league one ~0.74 the championship
league two ~0.84 league one

By multiplying the numbers together we can then compare all of the leagues to the premiership:

One goal in is worth goals in the premiership
the championship ~0.64
league one ~0.47
league two ~0.39

I think the take away message from these two tables is that the gap between divisions gets narrower as we move towards the lower divisions (the number suggest the gap between league two and league one is roughly half the size of that between the championship and the premiership).

I don’t expect anyone to be surprised by this, for example I can think of many more examples of teams being promoted from the conference and league two in consecutive seasons than from league one and the championship, but I think it’s nice to show the relative strengths numerically.

I think this would give a relatively good estimation for individual players transferred between leagues but I simply don’t own the data necessary to back that up conclusively.


One thought on “The comparitive strength of the four English leagues

  1. My guess is that the difference in differences is largely due to the very top teams in the Premiership. The biggest gap in English football is likely not between the Premiership and the Championship, but between those teams that are in play for Champions League football and those not.

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