A very brief summary of the derby

The title says it all

First a breakdown of the shots (I’m going by the live text on the bbc website for now):


City ran the show in the first half although they didn’t get many clear cut chances (from memory I can only think of the goal and the volley that Aguero blasted into the stands).

In the second half things didn’t really change much, despite United being down a goal and essentially having nothing to lose (the race for ‘best goal difference’ is over bar the shouting). City did a good job of containing United

How did the match break down in comparison to my preview?


In all City dominated and were much closer to reaching expectations than United; they deserved this one.

In terms of the fixtures the teams have left there’s still hope for United fans:


The two teams City have to play are much better at controlling the ball than those United are facing.


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