‘Perfect PDO’ games

As I’ve discussed to no end PDO is calculated as such:

PDO = 10 x (Sh% + Sv%)

In any given game the maximum PDO a team can get is 2000, occurring when both their sh% and sv% equal 100%.

As it happens this occurs in about 1% of games – a total of 49 times over the past 12 seasons. Two teams share the record for most shots on target, 13, during a game in which they tally a ‘perfect PDO’ and oddly enough the games were a week apart. For the purposes of this table shots means shots on target:


How about those involved who’ve completed the most ‘perfect PDO’ games?


And those with the most ‘perfect PDO’ performances by their opponents?


Finally – this, to me, is the one least likely to happen again:


Five goals on five shots is pretty impressive, although by chance alone a team will score 5 in a row about 1 time in every 12,000 shots.

So what does this tell us? Essentially nothing other than the fact that these games occur more frequently than I’d have guessed.


2 thoughts on “‘Perfect PDO’ games

  1. I assume all “perfect PDO” teams were the away team in the fixture?
    Or maybe there were a couple of games where a big team (ie. Chelsea) visited one of the lower placed sides (ie. Charlton)?

    My next assumption would thus be that all “perfect PDO” teams are “defensive teams” (or forced to be defensive due to the quality of the opponent) in the sense that they had less shots than their opponent, thus presumably less possession of the ball.
    Are there any games in which the perfect PDO team had MORE shots than their opponent? The Hull City v Wigan game comes close …


    • There was a 21/28 home/away team split. In most cases I would imagine that the team recording the ‘perfect PDO’ scores early (obviously with their first shot on target) and then basically defends for the rest of the game and gets a bit of luck.

      There have been three occasions where the winning team took more shots:
      2000 Liverpool 3 (on 3 shots) v Charlton 0 (on 2 shots)
      2001 Aston Villa 2 (2) v Blackburn 0 (1)
      2007 Liverpool 4 (4) v Sheff United 0 (2)

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