The Premiership by points, shots and luck

A couple of days ago I threw up a similar post for the Championship. This time I’ll do the same for the Premiership

Once again, the table is sorted by total shots ratio


An explanation of total shots ratio can be found here and here, for PDO see here and here.

Manchester City were in a league of their own.

There was a big gulf between the top seven teams and the rest. Realistically would anyone be surprised if any of the ten surviving teams below Everton were relegated next time around?

Would anyone really have been shocked if Fulham were as good as Newcastle next season?

Manchester United weren’t very good, this is the second consecutive season where their shot ratio has dropped significantly: it’ll catch up with them sooner or later. Same goes for Stoke, who’ve been pretty dreadful by this measure every year they’ve been in the league.


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