I’m forever blowing bubbles: La Liga

I did this for the Premiership (link) and I think it’s a pretty cool way to encompass and present a lot of data. I never really planned to look at leagues outside of England but it turns out I can put together bubble plots pretty quickly. So for La Liga:


A quick explanation:
x-axis: PDO. Further right = more luck
y-axis: TSR. Higher = better team
Bubble size: Points. More points = bigger bubble
Bubble shade: Goal difference. Green = positive, red = negative. Lighter shade = further from 0

An explanation of total shots ratio can be found here and here, for PDO see here and here.

Unsurprisingly Barcelona and Real Madrid are the best teams by a large margin. Barca had the edge this year, Madrid had a few more bounces go their way. Next years title is pretty much a coin toss from this point of view.

Levante aren’t very good. They’re big candidates for a drop off next year. If they make it to the Europa League group stages I imagine that will be one of the reasons given.

Villarreal were unlucky to go down. They weren’t very good but any one of the group of teams between 0.350 and 0.500 could have taken their place.

In terms of stats the spread of team TSR is similar to that in the Premiership, with the standard deviation being 0.08 in both cases. There’s a much wider spread of PDO in La Liga though (stdev of 75 vs 50 in the Premiership).

These are quite fun. Are there any other leagues people would like to see?


3 thoughts on “I’m forever blowing bubbles: La Liga

  1. I think your graph note should say …
    “x-axis: PDO.

    ah you changed it 🙂 (my blog reader still has the old version … sorry)

    Well … how about the other big leagues in Europe; Italy, France and Germany. Not sure how much time it takes … any one would be neat seeing as the race also went down to the wire in those leagues. 🙂

  2. Hey James,

    Nice graph. I would be very interested to see your approach applied to the portuguese league. Thanks for your time.

  3. Bart: yer someone picked me up on twitter re the PDO labelling. Should be sorted now.

    On first glance it looks like I could also push these out for France, Germany, Italy and Scotland so I’ll probably fill the gaps in the next couple of weeks.

    Goncalo: Unfortunately I don’t have access to the relevant data for Portugal. If you know of somewhere I could grab it I’d be happy to look into it

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