The race for the NHL playoffs, week 9

Very similar to the way I’ve been doing these posts for the Premiership (link), but as I don’t have the game-by-game results for the NHL, the % teams are represents the proportion of teams that have achieved the required pace over a full season. For last weeks standings see here.

East: (Teams need 53 points to get in, unchanged from week 8)

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 9.01.53 AM

The Penguins are in, the Sabres are eliminated. The Rangers (0-3-0) had a terrible week, as did the Maple Leafs (0-2-1), whilst the Jets (3-1-0) and Sens made headway (2-0-2). The islanders have given themselves a chance but everyone below them in the standings should be selling come the deadline.

West: (Teams need 53 points to get in, 1 fewer than week 8)

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 9.02.08 AM

The Blues won three of three to cement their place in the top eight, and the Red Wings won two of three but gave up points to potential playoff rivals (one to the Oilers, two to the Flames). The Preds (0-4-0, 20 goals against), and Stars (0-2-1) had terrible weeks. I think it’s becoming more of a toss-up. Whilst the best bet is that eight of the top nine will make it but even the Oilers would only need to go 13-7 at this point. I imagine it’s not all that uncommon for a .500 to do that, so one of those teams will make a run at some point.


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