Shots, shots and more shots – ’12-13 edition

The last two years (’10-11, ’11-12) I showed that attacking events (goals, shots, shots on target) had been increasing during the last 11 Premiership season. The trend continued in 2012-13:


Each point on that plot represents a season worth of data. So how does the Premiership in 2013 compare to the Premiership in 2001?

Goals: 2012-13 was the fourth straight season that 1000+ goals have been scored, and the third straight in which 1050+. There are roughly 5% more goals now than in 2001, which translates to about 2.5 more goals per team over the course of a season.

Shots on target: Per game there were between 14-15 shots on target for the second straight season. After wavering a little between 2001 and 2006 they’re, up by a third in the past seven seasons, an increase of about 60 shots on target per team over a season.

Total shots: Decreased markedly this year, by ~3%. Whilst ~48% of shots were on target around 2000, there’s since been a steady increase, to the point where ~56% of shots are now on target.

Sh% & Sv%: The numbers for the ’00-01 and ’01-02 season look pretty anomalous. Maybe the definition of a shot on target was changed prior to the ’02-03 season? Since then there has been a steady drop in sh%. In ’12-13 the league average sh% was ~1.7% below the thirteen year mean, costing each team about 4-5 goals per season.

In short ’12-13 was another high scoring season, although the number of attacking events dipped somewhat.


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