The firing of AVB (in graph form)

As with the weekend post on Steve Clarke I haven’t got the time right now to put anything in detail, so I’ll just post three plots and you can take from those what you will. I will add that a combination of your teams worst ten game stretch of TSR over the past two seasons combined with a PDO of 780 over that span is a pretty deadly combination for any manager.

AVB pts

For an explanation of what TSR is and why it’s useful click any one of these links.


For a primer on PDO see here. For an explanation of its use see here and here.



One thought on “The firing of AVB (in graph form)

  1. James

    Sacking very harse IMO since Spurs have a TSR of around 0.613 (3rd highest).

    I also calculated their QTSR as 0.604 (2nd highest). Is this right formula – (TSR/avg TSR of all opposition played)/0.5

    Also, your TSR moving average seems very low based on previous 10 TSRs.

    Keep the posts coming.

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