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On parity in the Premiership

There seems to be a near continual background discussion as to the level of parity in the Premiership. Whilst there have been various big fours around for the majority of the Premiership era, or at least since the turn of the century,the exponential improvement in Man City, coupled with upticks from both Spurs and Liverpool … Continue reading

Did your team improve in regress in ’12-13?

As with last year, I’m going to put up a couple of plots to compare the performance of teams in ’11-12 and ’12-13. Reading, Southampton, and West Ham are missing from the plots as they don’t have any data for ’11-12. They’ll be here next year though. For both of these plots the tail of … Continue reading

The 2012-13 Premiership season in one graphic

I did this last season and quite like the idea, so I’ll throw it up again for this time around. As before the plot can be interpreted as such: x-axis: PDO. Further right = more luck y-axis: TSR. Higher = better team Bubble size: Points. More points = bigger bubble Bubble shade: Goal difference. Green … Continue reading

Did your team improve or regress in ’11-12?

By now the ’11-12 season Premiership has been looked at in pretty much every way possible. I’m going to add one more to the mix. Seventeen teams survived in the Premiership last season; the two plots below compare their performance in ’10-11 and ’11-12. Norwich, QPR, and Swansea are missing from the plot as they … Continue reading

Second season syndrome

One of the narratives in sport is the so called ‘second season syndrome’. In short it describes a team or player who perform better than expected in their first season in a given competition, only for their performance to drop off dramatically the next time around. I can understand why people use narratives such as … Continue reading