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Fulham are a Premiership team again

I thought about putting words to this but there’s really no need, short of saying that I continue to feel slightly robbed that Fulham fired Jol (even though it was entirely justified), given that they were on the road to posting some truly historical numbers. That being said, there’s always been some reason for hope, … Continue reading

How inept are Fulham? (Part I)

I’ve said this on twitter a ton of times but Fulham are on pace to set some incredible precedents this season. I’ll preface all of these tables by saying that, through 11 games, only Southampton have faced easier opposition than Fulham this season. It makes the following even more remarkable. The first two tables I … Continue reading

How repeatable are shots on target?

This is the latest in a series of posts looking at which team level metrics are repeatable from season-to-season in the Premiership. The following three paragraphs are generic for the series, feel free to skip. As I’ve said before, it’s all well and good knowing that team ‘x’ took 20 shots in the first half … Continue reading