Donate to charity!

I received an e-mail today asking whether a donation could be made to charity in return for what has been learnt from the site, and I think that’s a great idea!

So if any of you feel so inclined I’d hugely appreciate it if money could find it’s way to one of the places I volunteer – Science World here in Vancouver. Naturally I think an engaging science curriculum is a crucial part of education, and Science World is a great example of that in action. They help put on a vast range of programs for schoolchildren across British Columbia, and there’s some really cool exhibitions there too. Furthermore, they provide bursaries so no child is left out of their programs because of financial hardship.

If you are considering donating then many thanks! The easiest way to do so is via their donation page, which can be found here. And if you’re into perks there’s also currently an Indiegogo campaign for their AMPED campaign to showcase the “science, technology, creativity and craft behind the art of music”.

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